Marble Sounds x Münster

Marble Sounds x Münster
Montag | 11. Februar 2019 | 20:00 Uhr

Mo 11.02. | 20.00 Uhr
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It’s now almost 3 years ago that Marble Sounds decided to go a different musical way and delighted us with the wonderfully beautiful ‘Tautou’. With their latest newborn ‘The Advice to Travel Light’, Pieter Van Dessel and his crew are taking a well-aimed stab at sounding the way a warm, powerful pop album should sound. Of course, without having to compromise on what has now become the quintet’s unmistakable trademark – a healthy dose of melancholy. And they’ve hit the bullseye.

The inspiration for ‘The Advice to Travel Light’, a metaphor for travelling with only a few pieces of luggage, came from Van Dessel’s two-year stay in Canada. “Moving with only a few items creates a feeling of liberation, almost non attachment. You learn to live without the excess burden, both literally and figuratively, and that brings out your inner optimist. Don’t carry too much in your proverbial backpack, because that also means there’s not much holding you back. I needed to put that feeling into the album,” says the frontman. And that train of thought seamlessly connects the beginning (the title track) and the end (‘One Last Regret’).

With four albums, two MIA (Music Industry Awards) nominations, several television performances and YouTube successes with millions of views (‘Good Occasions, The Time to Sleep’) Marble Sounds have become a regular in the Belgian music scene. They convinced larger audiences during gigs at Pukkelpop, a tour in China and an immensely popular radio hit (‘Leave a Light On’). “We have come a long way and we’ve grown a lot as a group. You can do that by working on your confidence and by never taking anything for granted”, claims Van Dessel. They have already managed to travel light. Now they need to start packing for Japan.

Einlass 19.30 Uhr | Beginn 20.00 Uhr
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