Brother O`Brother Live Heile Welt

Brother O`Brother Live Heile Welt
Freitag | 19. Juni 2020 | 19:00 Uhr

Garage Blues Rock in Indianapolis

Brother O’ Brother is a band from Indiana. There are two guys in the band: Chris Banta and Warner Swopes. Banta plays guitar and handles the vocals, while Swopes sits in the pocket.

“Initially, I couldn’t put my finger on what Brother O’ Brother’s music reminded me of. And then it hit me – Jimi Hendrix marries AC DC: their offspring is Brother O’ Brother. There’s an indefinable element, a pulverizing rawness that prompts such an analogy. There’s a stochastic resonance to Brother O’ Brother’s sound that’s assertive and visceral, like a kick in the stomach.” –Huffington Post

“Strong vocals and amazing musicality? Double check. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of garage rock and soul emanating from these guys…” – BUZZFEED

Monster Truck is a monster of an EP, abrupt, insubordinate, potent, overwhelming, and cruelly superior. And oh, so good! – TATTOO

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