Primitive Hands (CAN)

Primitive Hands (CAN)
Mittwoch | 18. April 2018 | 20:30 Uhr

Lo-fi KBD Punk from Montreal, Canada

REVIEW 1st LP: It´s Brian Hildebrand (Demon’s Claws, Mind Controls, Genital Hospital) from Montreal, Canada. Running since 2009 he did three, quite limited 45s we love to death. Now Mathieu Blackburn joined for a rage of a punk album. The piece of vinyl is sheer lo-fi KBD madness and has eleven bone-crushers, including cover versions of THE MAD and RED SQUARES. For years, „They Want My Blood“ was our favorite unreleased track. We can´t believe it´s finally out on ALIEN SNATCH!

Primitive Hands are the retarded adopted love children of Frank Zappa and GG Allin. They broke the chains that were holding them down in the cellar since birth, where they were forced to listen for hours on end to leather biker boots stomping and feces dropping on the kitchen floor above, to finally break out and terrorize their city! After years of roaming back alleys and dumpsters, bodies cold skinny, hairless and they’re minds numb and having absolutely no musical training or even how to handle instruments they’ve decided to throw caution to the wind buy some wind chimes, gongs and triangles and unleash an unholy noise to the unsuspecting people of planet earth. Good luck all you God fearing citizens who dare come out to witness this filth, you’ll need it.